FAQs for Travel Agents

Q. What exactly is included in my Pure Travel vacation?

A. Exactly what you want it to include! That is the beauty of customising your holiday in the first place. Though as a company dating ads dedicated to experiences, the land trip is core to our offering. You may add flights, visas, insurance, foreign exchange etc. in addition to this.

Q. Are flights, insurance and visas included in Pure Travel vacations chat girl live – jump4loves?

A. We include these services if you have requested for them. As a company devoted to service in the field of experiential travel, we have the ability to offer all of these services. Some of our clients prefer to arrange these on their own and that is perfectly fine with us. Please do not make these arrangements unless you have received our confirmation as we are not liable for airline tickets and visa costs if these are done prior to your vacation being confirmed.

Q. Can I request Indian meals on my vacation with Pure Travel?

A. We believe that the best way to experience a destination is by going as local as you can – especially when it comes to food. So we encourage you to eat local, even if you are vegetarian. However, we usually do not include all meals giving you the freedom to eat what you like.

Q. Will I have any optional add ons?

A. Rarely. That’s because the holiday will be tailor-made to suit your needs in the first place. So there will be no surprise hidden costs. We will explain your choices before you pay in full and the inclusions and exclusions will be based on what you would like. You will know exactly what you are getting before you leave for your trip.

Q. What mode of transport will I use on my holiday with Pure Travel?

A. We offer everything that is core to your experience of the destination – from cruises to trains and from big coaches to small cars. It depends on the destination and it depends on you. Remember, customise and personalise!

Q. Why does Pure Travel charge for queries?

A. We offer a highly specialised and personalised level of service that needs a focussed investment of time and effort from our end. Therefore, we offer custom quotes against a non-refundable fee of INR2000 or US$30 per booking (comprising any number of travellers). This fee entitles you to a maximum of 3 iterations of your customised itinerary and costing. If you confirm a booking based on any of these iterations, the non-refundable fee of Rs 2000 / USD 30 is adjusted towards the final cost of your trip. It is really an initial investment and not an additional charge.

Q. What is the response time on trip queries?

A. We maintain a standard turn-around time of not more than 48 hours to customise your itinerary and send it over to you. If there is a delay on account of holidays in other countries or pending confirmations of services that are critical to your experience, we will keep you posted.

Q. Is my booking confirmed as soon as I have paid my deposit?

A. Unlike big tour operators, we do not hold any block bookings for services. All overnight accommodations and services have to be contacted individually to get your holiday confirmed. If anything is unavailable we will discuss options with you – including refunding your deposit if our options don’t work for you, however, no booking request will be processed unless we have received your deposit. Please do not make any other travel arrangements unless you have received our confirmation.

Q. When can I expect my vouchers?

A. We will send you all your travel documents before you travel, after full payment has been received by us, in accordance with our payment policy. Please see our terms and conditions.

Q. Does Pure Travel levy a cancellation if I am unable to travel?

A. Cancellation of customised trips is impossible to predict as there are other suppliers involved and they usually will levy a charge. We will inform you of the cancellation policy of suppliers at the time of confirming the services. Pure Travel will pass on charges on an ‘as is’ basis from suppliers with a small charge of INR 5000 (US$45) for the entire booking to cover all their communication and time invested in your travel arrangements.

Q. What sort of hotels will I be staying at?

A. Our hotels choices are diverse. In our endeavour to deliver the real destination experiences that allow you to come face to face with the cultures of the destinations you are visiting, we try as far as possible to include hotels that are run by locals. But our choices range from family run Inns, to castles and villas to spas and other hotels that set the standard in luxury.

Q. Who can book with Pure Travel?

A. Travellers with a capital ‘T’ – geographical location is certainly not a restriction for anyone looking for a Pure Experience!

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