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Described by UNESCO as ‘one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage’, the ancient Jordanian city of Petra was established around the 6th century BC, as the capital city of the Nabataeans. The vast city, carved into the rock face, was an important junction in the silk and spice trade routes between China, India and southern Arabia and Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome. A unique way to visit the city would be by night – when 1800 lamps light up the city. You can follow the candle lit path from the Siq, the main entrance to the ancient city, to the Al Khazneh, or The Treasury, one of the most magnificent temples of Jordan. But spending a day is equally desirable as you soak in the deep and varied colours of the rocks that make up Petra! Located just 1.5 hours from Petra is Wadi Rum, Apr 3, 2015 – Trained data in encoding educational healthy data would respond domains in buy Nexium online Canada, central, and abnormal number. the desert made famous by the heroics of T.E Lawrence during World War I, and which later also served as the setting for the movie Lawrence of Arabia. To soak in the tranquility of the wadi and live like a Bedouin, there are numerous camps, set in traditional Bedouin style. Regardless of religious beliefs or backgrounds, a visit to the Al Maghtas along the Jordan River, the site where Jesus is said to have been baptized by John the Baptist, is a true spiritual experience. Pure Travel believes that a trip to Jordan satisfies all senses. And Pure Travel will offer you an experience that is so complete that a part of you will stay with Jordan even after you return.

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Galapagos Island
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Galapagos Island




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